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Best Meat Cutting Machines for Commercial and Home use Reviewed 2020

Nicely cut meat slices give you perfection and deliciousness of cooking style. The thickness of meat slices is a large factor when you are talking about the rareness to the core. Although such perfection cannot be easily achieved with your regular meat cutting or slicing tools such as knives. Therefore, to make this job easy for you , we introduce Meat Cutting and Slicing Machines.

Meat Cutting Machines are equipped with tons of features that make the meat cutting job a breeze. It will give you the perfection of cutting meat slices like a pro. They are perfect for commercial use at deli and butcher shops, as well as home usage.

What are the features of Meat Cutting Machines?

Essential features of a meat cutting machine:

  • Efficient Motor: Meat Cutting is a heavy-duty job and therefore it requires some heavy-duty equipment. Before purchasing a meat cutting machine you must make sure that it is equipped with a powerful electronic motor that can handle the big blocks of meat and give you better results with a considerable amount of power consumption.
  • Easy to clean: The meat cutting process is a messy job and it may often require you to clean your equipment. For that your device should be easy to clean as its parts should come apart easily so they can be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Easy to use: Meat cutting machines should be ideal from professional meat shops and deli stores to home usage. As the operatives at home may consider these machines as home appliances therefore, they must include an easy to read manual for convenient use.
  • Blade Size and built: The main component of the meat slicing machine that should not be compromised on the blade and its built quality. The durability of the blade relays on its build material. Preferably, stainless steel-built blades give you better performance for longer periods that makes them rustproof and gives that extra strength. The length of the blade should also be considered as it gives you options on the length of meat slices you can cut.
  • Safe to use: Meat cutting and slicing machines are electronic equipment and they should be used under the precautionary measures. They are equipped with sharp blades that can be hazardous so make sure to be careful and read the instructions manual for any cautions of use.

Considering all these key features, there is a whole pool of products out there to choose from. You never know which is the product for the right job. So, to make the decision process easy for you, we have sorted out some of the best Meat Cutting Machines that might be the right choice for you depending on your requirements and the kind of job you expect from a meat cutting machine. These products are top-rated and have their pros and cons that vary from price and features.

Other Best Slicers:

Top 6 Meat Cutting Machines Reviews 2020

#ProductNameDimensionsBlade SizeSlice ThicknessPrice
1 meat cutting machine NEWTRY Commercial Meat Cutter Cutting Machine - 5 mm blade 0 to 25 mm Check Price
2 meat cutting machine for home Commercial Meat Slicer Electric Food Cutting Machine 20.47 x 14.96 x 20.08 in 8 mm blade 2.5 mm/5 mm/8 mm/15 mm/27 mm Check Price
3  commercial meat cutting machine NEWTRY Commercial Meat Cutter Cutting Machine - 2.5 mm blade - Check Price
4 meat bone cutting machine FoodKing Commercial Meat Slicer - 3 mm blade 2 to 20 mm Check Price
5 meat cutting machine for home use BestEquip Commercial Meat Cutter Machine 18 x 12 x 18 in 18 x 13 inch 3 mm Check Price
6 frozen meat cutting machine KWS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial Electric Meat Band Saw Bone Saw Machine/Slicer 20 x 19.25 x 33.5 in - 0.2 inch to 6 inch Check Price

1. NEWTRY Commercial Meat Cutter Cutting Machine for Home

meat cutting machine for home

This heavy-duty cutter stands with the best customer ratings that can get the meat cutting and slicing job done like a pro. A very easy to use and versatile machine perfect for home and commercial use.

It is equipped with a 5mm stainless steel blade that is perfect for cutting chicken meat as it is tender. The blade is powered by a highly efficient 550w pure copper made motor which is also durable. This powerful motor makes this machine capable of cutting more than a 1000lb of meat per hour. It is a multi-function motor that gives evenly cut meat slices in first feed and shredded meat on the second feed. Blade size represents the thickness of meat after cutting. However, the blades are not suitable for cutting BONE meat or frozen meat, therefore you have to make sure to put in boneless meat. You can also use this cutter to chop veggies such as mushrooms and chilly.

There is no question on the durability of this product as it is made of three layers of durable stainless steel which protects it from rust and also makes it easy to clean after use. The serrated blade is easily detachable. You can remove it after use and easily clean it with water.

This meat cutting machine also features safety features such as a safety protection switch that works as a kill switch for the machine. The machine self-locks when the blade is exposed which prevents any accidental damage. The red button will automatically stop the machine if it is overloading on the meat so you can clean it and restart the cutting procedure.

This machine is equipped with 4 caster wheels that provide mobility so you can move this machine from one place to another easily. It’s a great product with a durable structure that comes with a fair price tag. It comes in different power options to choose from.


  • Powerful Motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable rustproof structure
  • Safe and easily to operate
  • Versatile


  • Not suitable for frozen and bone meats
  • Bit heavy

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2. Commercial Meat Slicer Electric Food Cutting Machine

 commercial meat cutting machine

Rbay introduces this commercial-grade desktop meat cutter that offers all the wide range of applications in the meat cutting business. This product has various features that make it a perfect choice for butcher and deli shops.

This meat cutter is equipped with 8mm stainless steel roller blades attached beneath the 10*8cm feeder. Powered by a 550w pure copper made electric motor, this meat cutter can deliver up to 150kg/h of meat cutting efficiency. The build material of the blade is stainless steel and there is no question on its durability and productivity. This product offers wide application use because you can cut fine slices of fat beef, ham, and even vegetables such as potato chips. They are perfect for home usage as well as commercial purposes and restaurant business. Although it is not suitable for frozen items and meat with bones.

This product lasts longer as the structure of this cutter is made of hard stainless steel that makes this product rust-proof, sturdy, and easy to clean. The blades can be easily removed and cleaned after every use to keep the machine on the go. This product comes in different blade sizes depending upon your needs.

All the hygienic measures are kept in mind while in making of this meat cutter as every part that comes in contact with the food is stainless steel made. All the safety measures are considered as well, a red button on the side of the machine is for an emergency stop as if the machine gets stuck or to avoid any accidental happenings. Anti-leakage switch and plug to prevent safety hazards. It’s a stable product fitted with rubber feet to keep it steady in a specific position. It sounds less and can perform continuously for up to 2 hours. The price factor can vary from the blade side of this meat cutter.


  • Efficient Motor
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy Build
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to clean and use
  • 1-year warranty


  • Limited run time
  • No mobility

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3. NEWTRY Commercial Meat Cutter Cutting Machine

commercial meat cutting machine

An innovative product by NEWTRY is an attention grabber with its legit design. This little meat cutter will give you quick and better results with ease of use and operation. This cutter has many perks that make it an outstanding choice.

This multifunctional meat cutter features a 2.5mm stainless-steel blade that gives you perfectly cut meat slices in the first feed and shredded meat pieces on the second, and for the third time for even smaller cubical shaped cuttings. A fast copper made motor having 550w gives you more efficient results for up to 352lbs of meat per hour.

This cutter is perfect for meat slicing businesses and home use as well. It’s a versatile product as you can cut more than just meat of different sorts. You can also go for vegetable or cheese slices with this slicer that will give you fine and quick results. But there is a drawback of this slicer as you cannot slice frozen meats and bone meat.

There are no questions about the durability and safety of this product. Built with durable stainless steel, this product can last longer and handle an everyday job like a pro. Power and waterproof safety switches include emergency stops and the machine won’t operate if the cover is open. Underneath the body, there are four fixed rubber feet to keep the cutter steady during operation. Blades are also removable for deep cleaning although you must fit the blades back correctly otherwise, they will get stuck or damaged. This meat cutter machine has it all to serve with one year of official warranty and a very reasonable price tag. The price may vary depending on the rated voltage size.


  • Quick and efficient
  • 3 types of cuttings
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Waterproof structure
  • Sturdy stainless steel built
  • 1-year warranty


  • Small blade size
  • No mobility
  • Blade fitting procedure is delicate

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4. FoodKing Commercial Meat Slicer

 meat bone cutting machine

This meat cutter by FoodKing possesses a very compact yet durable design from your usual meat cutter. But that does not mean there is any compromise on the features and performance of this amazing device. It can serve perfectly as a commercial-grade product as well as a home appliance.

The slicer features a 3mm stainless steel blade that can be adjustable to different lengths. The blade runs with the help of a 500w copper motor that will give you efficient results at 250KG per hour rate. Both blade and electric motor are durable and last for long term use. It serves wide applications in restaurants, meat shops, deli shops, and of course your home kitchen as well. You can slice different types of meats with this cutter such as beef, chicken, and bacon slices. Adjustable blade length can help you to cut the desirable slices whether you are cutting veggies or meat slices.

The operation of this cutter is also a breeze. The green button starts the machine and when the job is done you can simply press the red button that will stop the blades. The stainless-steel handles give it a durable structure that is corrosion-proof and can easily handle heavy impacts.

Blade hanging design makes it easy to clean even with water. The electric motor operates at very low decibels at provides a low noise operation which is very suitable for home use. This meat cutter machine also ensures the safety of use. When the cutting tool is exposed, the device auto-locks and does not operate so any accidents can be avoided.  The base is flat and can be easily placed over a tabletop. It’s a great deal for the money as this products comes with a very reasonable price tag.


  • Compact design
  • Adjustable Blades
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Low noise


  • Not suitable for large scale cutting
  • No caster or rubber feet on base

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5. BestEquip Commercial Meat Cutter Machine

meat cutting machine for home use

BestEquip introduces a commercial-grade meat cutter that has a very modern and sleek design with an attractive look. It’s a heavy-duty cutter that can serve as its job like a pro in restaurants and as a stylish piece of equipment at home that can save you from the hustle of cutting meat with knives.

Installed with a very efficient stainless-steel blade that is capable of cutting 3mm beef, pork, and chicken meat. A 500w electronic motor aids the cutting functions of this sharp blade giving an efficiency of cutting 1100lb of meat per hour.

The size of these blades is completely adjustable to your required thickness. These blades are changeable and easy to clean. Motor operation is silent and creates the least noise possible.

There is no compromise on safety with this product. An easy to operate power button instantly turns the machine ON/OFF. The machine is locked and won’t operate when the cover is exposed. This saves from any misshaping’s. Durability is another factor of this product. It is made of hard stainless steel with a tower-shaped design that can serve its purpose for longer periods.

Underneath there are four disasters that allow the mobility function to this machine so you can easily shift it from one place to another. In conclusion, it’s a great deal for such a sum of money. It’s a great device to handle the heavy-duty meat cutting job at busy places such as restaurants.

The price factor may vary depending upon the size/dimensions.


  • More cutting output
  • Durable Stainless-steel Structure
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Low noise


  • Difficult instruction manual
  • Blades getting stuck
  • Power issues

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6. KWS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial Electric Meat Band Saw Bone Saw Machine/Slicer

frozen meat cutting machine

KWS commercial meat and bone saw machine is an actual heavy-duty product that means serious business. It has a tall countertop structure and it can easily be the right choice for your deli and butcher shops.

Made with aluminum body structure, it has a high-quality bone saw that can easily cut through your bone meat and frozen meat items. A 1900w powerful electric motor power the saw at the rotary speed of 1420R per minute. Parts are easily detachable for cleaning purposes.

You can easily place this device on a tabletop and cut through large blocks of meat. With its 65” length and .02” thick saw blade, you can easily and effortlessly cut through bones, frozen meat, fish, and more up to 6” thick and 7” height. KitchenWare Station B-210 provides the best, quickest, easiest, and most accurate cut slabs of meat with our 15.5″ (L) x 19.25″ (W) bench/ tabletop that provides a large stacking space and simple breakdown for cleaning.

The base table is made of stainless steel and assures to be water-resistant which also makes it very easy to clean. It also has a waterproof safety option which will automatically stop working once the outer cover of the machine is exposed.

Rubber feet make this machine stable and safer to use to avoid any accidents. It’s a heavy-duty machine specially made for commercial use; however, it may not be used for home purposes.


  • Capable of cutting bone meat and frozen meat
  • Heavy-duty commercial grade product
  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy build design
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for cutting meat slices
  • Expensive
  • Strictly commercial grade

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The Winner Choice!

Considering all the products based on their efficiency and other essential factors out best choice is

NEWTRY Commercial Meat Cutter Cutting Machine

This meat cutting machine has it all for an ideal home as well as a commercial-grade product that will serve its purpose well for the right amount of price.


  • Meat cutting machines are highly cautious products there-fore make sure to read the user’s manual before beginning the operation.
  • They should be water-resistant to prevent any accidents and should include the safety switches and warnings above them.
  • Some of the products include delicate care while cleaning and operating so be careful while replacing or detaching the parts.

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