Gas and charcoal combination grills provide
you the versatility with the convenience of two cooking experiences in one compact device.
3-Burner Gas Grills are capable of feeding a medium or large sized gathering, consuming size of a 2-Burner. .

Two burner gas grills give you the ease of cooking consuming the least space possible. You can easily relocate them to your ..
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Cooking Grills

Cooking grills provide you a chance to welcome a healthier and tastier lifestyle. They play a vital role in completing your friends and family get together with delicious memories. There is more than just one option when It comes to grilling, so you also get a chance to experience multiple cooking worlds in 2020.

What options do we have in Grilling?

You have multiple options when it comes to grilling. But still, it depends on what you want to cook OR what achieves your satisfaction level?

There are two major classes of grilling world:

Charcoal Grill

If you’re the kind of person who likes to enjoy that smoky flavor and has all the time to cook BBQ in the backyard, then a charcoal grill would be the right choice for you. So here we discuss some of the best charcoal grills in 2020. Charcoal grill users coal to burn and give rich, smoky BBQ flavor.

BBQ Experience: With a charcoal grill, you get a chance to experience the BBQ lifestyle. You can get that extra taste of smoky flavor to your food. dripping off your steak or vegetables infuses back from the coal, it provides a unique, mouthwatering taste to your food.

Higher temperature: Although charcoal grills take a while to lit up, it provides a higher temperature to cook your foods in properly with a great taste.

Gas Grill

Gas grill surely provides the convenience of cooking with a great taste. If you’re in a hurry to cook and the kind of person who wants to get things going, a gas grill can provide that service with quality and performance. Gas grill fuels on Liquid propane as well as Natural gas.

Easy to use: Gas grill is easy to use and starts up pretty quickly as compared to charcoal grill. You don’t have to wait longer to get things burning.

Temperature control: You can control the temperature according to your requirement depending upon what type of food you are cooking. This saves your food from burning.

Gas or Charcoal, Why not Both?

Gas and charcoal combo grills

You want to enjoy both cooking options but don’t want to buy two separate grills? Well, the answer to that is Gas and Charcoal Combo Grills.

Gas and charcoal combination grills provide you the versatility with the convenience of two cooking experiences in one compact device. You can cook hamburgers on one side and grill a smoky steak on the other at the same time.  So in 2020 hybrid grills are the best option for cooking. Here you will find the best charcoal gas combo grills in 2020.

It’s a great value for money as one combination grill is costs less as compared to two separate grills.

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Does Size matter?

The most important factor when it comes to grilling is the size. In other words, we can say the amount of food it can cook at one time. There are several options out of those depending upon the type of job you want from a grill.

2-Burner Gas Grills

Two burner gas grills give you the ease of cooking consuming the least space possible. You can easily relocate them to your backyard and throw a couple of burgers when you feel the cravings. These grills are convenient to use with a budget-friendly price. They are efficient, fast and quality devices. However, they are not best for hosting family reunions because of the small cooking space.

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3-Burner Gas Grills

You want a little more than just something for your own family, say you want to throw a medium or large-scale party for your friends. Then three-burner gas grills would be the right choice for you. The exterior isn’t large so it doesn’t consume a whole lot of space. Though the cooking area is sufficient for giving the perfect efficiency and food output.

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5-Burner Gas Grill

5 burner gas grills work for the commercial-grade purposes as well as households if you want to host large scale parties or feed an army of friends. They offer the best with more gas burners on deck, along with large enough cooking space that can definitely live up to your satisfaction. It offers versatility as well as efficiency with ease of cooking, but it comes with a price.

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What are the health benefits of grilling?

There are tons of health benefits when it comes to grilled foods compared to processed foods. Here are a few reasons to live a healthier lifestyle with grilling:

Lower Fats:

Grilled food has less fat as compared to processed foods. The excess fats drip away from the grates. This provides just the right number of calories with more healthy items on your plate. Once burned away, the fat won’t infuse back in your food as it does in a processed cooking process such as frying.

Preserved Nutrients:

Meat cooked on a grill preserve the essential nutrients containing health-boosting vitamin B. essential meat nutrients thiamine and riboflavin are preserved with the help of the grilling process. This helps in maintaining a proper healthy diet.

Less Sodium intake:

Meals that you cook at home include an amount of sodium is cooking salt which can affect your blood pressure. Grilled food allows rather less amount of sodium as compared to processed foods.

Better Taste:

Grilled food gives you a better, juicier taste to your steak. You can perfectly cook vegetables on a grill and enjoy a better flavor than cooked in a frying pan. Also, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a smoky flavor in their food, charcoal grills can make that happen!

Versatility of recipes:

As there are more than just one cooking option with a grill, one can enjoy the taste of different cooking styles and recipes on a grill according to their taste.

What should you look for in a grill?


You should make sure the grill is durable to handle the job. The durability of parts and equipment of the grill matters equally important. Most of the grills are stainless steel build which prevents them from rusting.

Cooking space:

The cooking space should be enough and according to your satisfaction. Small primary cooking space in a grill is of no good. The secondary cooking space, warming rack, also has to be wide enough to keep your food warm after cooking.

Sufficient BTUs:

The amount of heat a grill produces overall is also a very important factor. This decides whether how long would it take to cook your food. The main focus is on the primary burners when it comes to BTUs. The side burners are additional features. The burners should distribute heat evenly towards the cooking area for perfection and avoiding overcooking.

Convenient to use:

The grill should be convenient to use for beginners. They should also be easy to clean depending upon the material they are made of. Casters (wheels) make them easy to move around. Electronic ignition is also a mandatory feature for a gas grill which makes it easy to lit